BN1 Pilates | BN1 Pilates is run by Rebecca Haroutunian, a Brighton and Hove-based qualified Pilates instructor.
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Whether you want to improve your posture, reduce joint pain, or add some strength and flexibility to your exercise routine, I’d love to help you achieve your aims. Pilates focuses on your core and allows you to re-engage muscles that help you to strengthen your body.

What is Pilates?

In a nutshell, Pilates is a system of exercise designed to overhaul your body.

During a class you will mobilise your joints whilst making your muscles stronger and/or more efficient.

This is why it works so brilliantly to manage pain and posture.

Who can benefit?

Anyone of any age and fitness can benefit from Pilates, from teenagers, to the stressed office worker, professional athletes to the retired.

Pilates works for everyone because everyone needs and takes something different from it.

Above all, my classes are relaxed, challenging, educational and light hearted. I believe exercise should be fun.

Eight reasons why you should try Pilates

Pilates is adaptable to most medical ailments and injuries

It promotes weight loss and helps achieve a long, lean appearance

It lowers stress levels and gives an overall sense of well-being

It creates strength without bulk

It develops core strength

Pilates improves posture

Pilates increases flexibility

Pilates is whole body fitness